Drawn from Memory

Evan Lee

Evan Lee’s recent black and white images were photographed in a near documentary style. While some of the works are documentary depictions, others are more or less created from real events. Shot over the past few years, Lee has moved away from the photographic experiments and still life images that he is typically known for, to subjects that stem from the everyday world. He captures elements of daily life – some are accurate reflections of reality while others are recreations of scenarios inspired by past ideas and memories. The subjects shown in these photographs are all familiar to the artist, which results in a personalized portrayal of people and places in Vancouver.

As the images came together as a series, various themes materialized reflecting Lee’s thoughts, experiences and influences. One idea most evident in this body of work is the artist’s concerns with life and death. Shortly after Lee took a photograph of his grandmother entitled Portrait of the Artist’s Grandmother, she passed away. This theme is further developed in Hedge Entrance between Old and Abray Sections, Mountainview Cemetery, which focuses on the skeletal twigs and branches of a cut hedge that separate a cemetery from a residential neighborhood.