The Entire City Project

Michael Awad

Michael Awad’s ongoing work, The Entire City Project, consists of interpretive photographic portraits of the urban environments he encounters. This exhibition features images of familiar and foreign places: his daily route through the neighbourhood of Little Italy in Toronto, the architectural wonders of La Scala in Milan, the historical sites of the Arsenale in Venice and the geography of Art Basel. His large-scale images are gathered from still and moving camera apparatus, allowing movement and information to coexist. Awad strives for an objective visual inventory yet achieves a perceptual, intuitive record — the resulting images combine memory and document. Many of these images are continuous panoramic exposures, echoing our processions through the streets.

Awad achieves a level of abstraction through compression, accumulation and optical distortion. Similar to British photographer Eadweard Muybridge, Awad’s sequential presentation of multiple views reflects the passage of time and points to the empirical aspirations of the medium. Awad reminds the viewer that photography as a tool can only approximate how we experience and remember.

Michael Awad lives in Toronto and he has shown at the Art Gallery of Ontario (2006), the Venice Architectural Biennale (2002) and the Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery in Toronto (2001).