Parking on Personal Webcams

Cheryl Sourkes

Parking on Personal Webcams is Cheryl Sourke’s body of photographic images and time-based works that examine how once private behaviour is repositioned through the internet. With the emergence of recent technology the boundaries between the public and private spheres have shifted. Increasingly the web has become a dynamic social space used for preserving memories and sharing mundane and personal histories. Familiar activities such as bathing and hanging out are recast within this “fourth wall,” a virtual environment where anyone with a webcam can become an actor, producer or exhibitionist.

While this series is derived from a single internet camera, some of the works present short episodes while others sample across different time periods. Some sequences incorporate photographs of the same size, whereas others combine large and small images.

Webcams are commonly used to record or monitor events that unfold in the real world and normally these images only appear in cyberspace. However, Sourkes is fascinated by how these pictures are transformed through technology at the moment when they cross the threshold between everyday living and virtual space.