The Uchronie Fragments

Osheen Harruthoonyan

Osheen Harruthoonyan incorporates remnants of found and personal history; he cuts away, bleaches, erases, layers and employs various darkroom techniques to create his series The Uchronie Fragments. Representational and abstract elements illustrate variable states of place, time, existence and memory. These states are portrayed through the use of repetition, geometric patterns and reflections.

His use of a hybrid analog/digital process of printing emphasizes the presence of time in relation to memory disintegration and history. The final images appear aged, yet possess a strong contemporary sensibility. This simultaneous shifting of perception – between the past and present – ultimately has the effect of creating a new narrative for the process of storing memory that generates an alternative yet familiar history. The story Harruthoonyan illustrates is one of fragmentation, recollection and the capricious awareness of depicting the present. The human experience of memory and regret fuels and constantly alters the understanding of our past and guides our future.

Curated by Persilia Caton