The Gaza Strip: When Brothers Fight

Dominic Nahr

Dominic Nahr’s photographs are a disturbing testimony of what happens when hope breaks down and a community loses sight of its common aims in a deadly struggle for control between the Palestinian Fatah and Hamas factions. After decades of conflict with Israel, the Gaza that Nahr documents is torn by internal strife. He witnesses the story of a people divided against itself — brother against brother — caught between a dark past and an uncertain future.

Nahr does not shy away from darkness, shadow predominates his frames. He does not avoid proximity to its dangers, but moves toward them. He does not sensationalize violence, but tracks it faithfully. He does not miss a gesture, understanding the language of raised hands, bowed heads, and hiding faces. His pictures carry the acrid presence of fear, the weight of sadness, the suffocating warmth of pressing crowds – all suffused with a poetry that belies his own real and present danger.

Nahr has been published in Newsweek Magazine, GQ Magazine, South China Morning Post, The Globe and Mail, Photo District News Magazine, and The British Journal for Photography. In 2007, Nahr became a contributing photographer for Polaris Images.

Curated by Katy McCormick