Dream City of America

Dave Fisher

The archeological battlefields at Louisbourg – the great port city of New France on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia – are amongst the best preserved 18th century siege landscapes in the world. Dream City of America is a series of large handprinted black and white panoramic photocomposites that explore the history and mythology that is steeped in the land. The fortified town has been partially reconstructed, however, the remainder of Louisbourg’s vast heath lands, coastlines and fields remain untouched and have been left to the ravages of time and nature.

Waterloo-based photographer Dave Fisher has spent the past five years wading through bogs and crawling under brush to seek out and document visual clues about Canada's early history and the lost stories that haunt these surroundings. Inspired by panoramic period illustrations, Dream City of America uncovers little known ghost sites buried under moss, ferns and fir trees.

This timely exhibition coincides with the 250th anniversary of the last fall of Louisbourg.