Accumulated Histories / Disturbance

Greg Staats, Jenna Edwards

Jenna Edwards’ series Accumulated Histories represents eclectic collections of photographs that have been kept impenetrable and anonymous. By denying viewers the pleasure of engaging with the memories that permeate these pictures, attention is drawn to their physical presence and photography’s quality as a tangible, 3-D object. In this series masses of photographs are carefully stacked to resemble architectural towers that emphasize the space they occupy and alter the conventional relationship between an individual and a photograph. Accumulated Histories investigates the unique way in which families and individuals amass memories and the physical space those images occupy.

Greg Staats is a visual artist who draws on a traditional Mohawk restorative aesthetic that defines the multiplicity inherent in relationships. Disturbance includes eight vitrines of video and photographic works that provide a continuum of cultural remembrance. They depict boreal markers on the Six Nations of the Grand River territory in southern Ontario – the artist’s birthplace – and invite the viewer to adapt to the rhythms of the natural world. These works represent Staats’ ability to accept the disturbances of life and landscape as an open door to growth and change, while gathering strength from boreal markers that act as an archive of memory.