Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival
Melodie Ng, My great-grandmother & great-uncle, circa 1915, Ambrotype 6
Melodie Ng, My great-grandmother & great-uncle, circa 1915
2008 Open Exhibition

My Le Nguyen, Melodie Ng
MeiKong / HongKong: Memories and Family

May 13–25, 2008
G+ Galleries
50 Gladstone Ave Ground Floor

Our body carries, like flotsam and driftwood upon
the back of a slow articulating river, the
memories of those who came before us. The work of
photographers My Le Nguyen and Melodie Ng is in
fact an act of excavation. The bullion unearthed
from the family stories draining away in front of
them. The exhibition MeiKong/HongKong: Memories
and Family details the photographers’ excavation
and carving up of their memories as a way to

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