Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival
Tasira S. Barishev, Distant Memories, 2007
Tasira S. Barishev, Distant Memories, 2007
2008 Open Exhibition

Group Exhibition
Through Our Eyes

May 1–June 19, 2008
Julia's Ristorante
312 Lakeshore Rd East
Artists Kevin Chan
Mona Pykala
Tasira S. Barishev
Kelsey Mason
Steven Somfalvi

Artworks Oakville celebrates its third year of
participation in CONTACT by showcasing work by
five photographers of varied cultural backgrounds,
with the common goal of producing
thought-provoking imagery. Visitors can expect
images created from digital tools alongside
traditional forms of photography. Various
techniques have been used in constructing these
images; these visual expressions of shape, form
and texture spring from a well of personal
artistry and perspective.

Curated by Rena Sava, Irene Hunchak

Scotiabank CONTACT
Photography Festival

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