Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival
Nancy Ceneviva, Boca Shete 1, 2007
Nancy Ceneviva, Boca Shete 1, 2007
2008 Open Exhibition

Nancy Ceneviva
Rock Remembers Water

May 1–31, 2008
Junction - The Troubadour Bar
3071 Dundas St W

Ceneviva’s Rock Remembers Water is based on the
suspended fiction that everything has memory. We
remember touching and being touched. This is true
for water. It touches the landscape, taking pieces
of our world with it, depositing a new world in
its wake, a new history in every moment. Soft,
flowing, subtle, persistent, oblivious and
relentless: water is an entity, a force we admire,
worship and ignore simultaneously.

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