Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival
Sang-Taek Oh, The March, Colour chromogenic print, 110 cm x 178 cm
Sang-Taek Oh, The March
2008 Open Exhibition

Sang-Taek Oh

April 15–May 11, 2008
LEE Ka-sing Gallery
993 Queen St W, Ste 116

The world has evolved into a place marked by an
insatiable hunger for wealth, an isolating
materialism that has bred an acute form of
amnesia. We have forgotten that living is only
dependent upon fundamental things and not on an
exaggeration of materiality. Sadly, the desire for
living simply has, for many, become a distant
memory – even idealistic or odd. Korean artist
Sang-Taek Oh explores this paradox in a series of
photographs entitled Process.

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