Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival
Leo Nathan, For Merrica, 2007, 35 mm film,  10
Leo Nathan, For Merrica, 2007
2008 Open Exhibition

Group Exhibition
Moments in Time–4 ViewPoints

May 1–31, 2008
Lift Salon
90 Adelaide St East
Artists Evelyn Sarfeld
Leo Nathan
Larry Potter
Eloise Thurier

Moments in Time – 4 Viewpoints: Leo Nathan, Larry
Potter, Evelyn Sarfeld and Eloise Thurier. These
“moments” are images showing the individual
viewpoints of the four photographers. Their
passion is to capture aspects of time, light,
colour and place. The moment, the angle of
viewpoint, is their only raison d’être to show
realities or abstractions based firmly on the
craft of traditional photography.

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