The Bishop Strachan School Students

Madelaine Edmonds - Graduating Portfolio PHOTOGRAPHY grade 11 > S.Aagaard, E.Agemian, C.Bertucci, A.Boyrazian, M.Brown, E.Campbell, A.Chornous, S.D’Elia, R.Ellis, S.Goodman, E.Greenglass, L.Pon, H.Rose, S.Schacter, A.Seppi, J.Smith, L.Viezner, E.Wilder, MJ.Bae, O.Barad, R.Charow, A.Crampton, S.Eiras, K.Farwell, L.Harricks, M.Kirshenblatt, L.Kitchen, K.Rothschild, K.Sherman, A.Speyer. Memory: an elusive, subjective, reassigning of historical fact often has an intensified impression in youth.

Curated by Marilyn Westlake - teacher