Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival
Donna Buck, Out front ... on John St., B&W negative,   9x12
Donna Buck, Out front ... on John St.
2008 Open Exhibition

Krist Papas, Linda Lemmermeyer, Donna Buck
Time Stood Still

May 2–30, 2008
417 Danforth Ave

Whether it is in the ancient land of Greece, the
vibrant island of Cuba, or the streets of
“vintage” Toronto, time stands still in a
photograph. One moment reveals so much of a
person, through a movement of a hand or the
raising of an eyebrow. This reveals the person
within, the culture without. Buck’s lens captures
Toronto between 1971 and 1976. Lemmermeyer’s
captures Cuba in 2005 and Papas’ catches Greece in
the same year.

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