Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival
David Trattles, German Rodeo, 16 x16
David Trattles, German Rodeo
2008 Open Exhibition

Group Exhibition

May 1–31, 2008
Reportage Event Photography
1173 Dundas St E Ste 223
Artists David Trattles
Cait Mitchell
Christina Asante
Jan Becker
Jennifer Buter
Jo-Anne McArthur
Georgia Kirkos
Parker Saltiel
John Makinson
Dana St. Louis
Karen Tracanelli

In this exhibition 11 photographers share their
documentary explorations ranging from German
cowboys to the life of an Indian eunuch. Drawing
from varied backgrounds and experiences they
present a number of unique narratives; different
in approach yet similar in its language. The
common thread is a desire to capture and explore
experiences: to allow photographs to bear witness
to events, articulate the human condition and
convey emotion.

Curated by Sarah Parker

Scotiabank CONTACT
Photography Festival

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