Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival
Shozo Ushiroguchi, Looking for Go Home Bay, 2007, Silver print, 16 x 20
Shozo Ushiroguchi, Looking for Go Home Bay, 2007
2008 Open Exhibition

Shozo Ushiroguchi

May 1–31, 2008
Shozo Ushiroguchi Gallery
222 Lisgar St (South from Dundas, 1 block west of Dovercourt)

The possibilities for images of daily life are
endless. Things, places, people, yesterday, today.
What do they have in common? A photograph of the
sky captures the perpetual interaction of natural
and made elements for a single instant. Was it 35
years ago or last weekend? This unique record is
part of a photographic continuum. This year’s
CONTACT theme, Between Memory and History, made me
wonder about how continuity works in my photographs.

Curated by Shozo Ushiroguchi

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