Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival
Henning Ebel, Night Current, 8x12
Henning Ebel, Night Current
2008 Open Exhibition

Lise Varrette, Henning Ebel
Wabi Sabi

May 8–11, 2008
Wallace Studios
258 Wallace Ave Studio #205

New York/Toronto-based commercial photographer
Lise Varrette offers a dignified and affectionate
look into the small lives of the segmented and
slippery, while Germany/Toronto-based photographer
Henning Ebel shows us the less covered side of
urbanscapes. Together, both photographers show
images that emphasize the less obvious
characteristics of scenes, cityscapes, fish and
bugs. Ebel’s magical Night Current and Varrette’s
lucid Miniature Jellyfish photos are a few
examples of this bright, lively exhibit.

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