Lady Things

Robyn Cumming

The series is titled Lady Things and each one is just that, a sort of feminine entity that hovers between a lady and a creature or even an object. I wanted to create something that acted more like a vessel within and upon which I could layer various iconic projections of the feminine. I am interested in patterns and textures that carry with them the baggage of a sort of mythological ideal; all at once exalted, yet simultaneously hysteric; romantic to the point of ridiculousness. There is also this oscillation from beauty to the grotesque and horror to fantasy. So I’m sort of mining these qualities from the stuff that has become ingrained in our cultural psyche and then building up something that becomes strange and functionless but still seductive in a way.

note: Unfortunately the exhibition information in the Contact guide is incorrect. This is the correct information for the exhibition taking place, "Oh, Mother" will not be on display.