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Eloquent Nude

Perspective: A Documentary of Wim & Donata Wenders Directed by Eiki Takahashi Japan, 2007, 30 min

Director Eiki Takahashi will personally present his film and conduct a brief Q&A following the screening.

In April 2006, renowned German filmmaker Wim Wenders and his photographer wife, Donata, held a photo exhibition in Tokyo called A Journey To Onamichi, the setting of a Yasujiro Ozu film that Wenders adores. This rare documentary chronicles their photography opening and records the couple's views on film, photography and Japan.

Under Construction Directed by Zhenchen Liu Le Fresnoy France, 2007, 10 min Digital photographs blended with documentary video illustrate the rise of Shanghai's skyscrapers built upon the rubble of the city's forgotten past.

Eloquent Nude: The Love and Legacy of Edward & Charis Weston Directed by Ian McCluskey NW Documentary Arts & Media USA, 2007, 57 min No one knew photographer Edward Weston better than Charis Wilson. She was 19 and beautiful. He was 48 and America's pre-eminent photographer. For 12 years, Charis Wilson was Edward Weston's model, muse and wife. Now 90, Charis shares her vivid memories of the times they shared and the images they created. She candidly recounts their painful break-up and Weston's final years battling Parkinson's disease. A moving story about the love and loss of this legendary photographer.

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