Another Side of You

Geoffrey Pugen

Continuing his investigations of the boundaries between fact and fiction, Toronto-based artist Geoffrey Pugen’s newest body of work Another Side of You presents a series of masterfully manipulated photographs and videos. In an age of technological transformation, Pugen’s modified prints blend reality with mythology as a strategy for social critique.

Using digital montage, Pugen plays with the ambiguity of the photographic medium. Staging scenes in his studio or photographing them elsewhere, Pugen then digitally combines and reconstructs the imagery. What appears to the observer at first glance to be an illusion reveals as a convincing construct, betrayed by the absurdity of the narrative content. From a swan caught in a meteor shower to a fallen skateboarder’s poignant recovery, Pugen imbues each image with a sense of the surreal. Deftly blending a futuristic aesthetic with a cautionary perspective on what we perceive to be true, his images offer thoughtful insights into an increasingly mediated world that is in constant flux. A recipient of the K.M. Hunter Award for Interdisciplinary Art, Pugen has exhibited his videos, music and artworks nationally and internationally in Toronto, Berlin, New York, Chicago, Miami, Australia, Poland and the UK.

Curated by Angell Gallery