3,653 Self Portraits

Jeff Harris

In the grand atrium of Brookfield Place, this exhibition’s massive grid of images celebrates a ten-year milestone in Jeff Harris’s personal photo project. Since January 1, 1999, Harris has made at least one photograph of himself every day. Soon after, he started posting them on the internet. Harris’ project anticipates the current obsession taken up by millions of people to document and make public every aspect of their lives on Facebook, Flickr and similar sites. Harris’ photographs are selfportraits in the broadest definition of the term. Sometimes the images contain only the barest trace of the subject – the artist’s feet, shadow or his reflection on a table – and as often as not the portraits of Harris have been taken by other people (the artist frequently has celebrities he happens to encounter take his picture – Gene Simmons, Michael Moore, Leslie Feist). Seen together, the 3,653 images provide an evocative portrayal of how Harris’ life plays out, day after day. Whether the social media giants will continue to flourish remains to be seen; meanwhile, Jeff Harris’ website has a huge following and he plans to keep on shooting.