Its Time

Gao Brothers, Elaine Stocki, Anne Arden McDonald, Osheen Harruthoonyan

Photographs by their very nature alter our perception of time. Snatched from the narrative of our daily lives, photographic moments allow viewers to step outside themselves, pause and contemplate an image in their own time. This exhibition considers the push and pull of time within the context of photography by examining a variety of photographic practices, past and present.

Elaine Stocki’s portraits capture just a fraction of a second from a sitting that stretched on for hours. Brooklyn-based artist Anne Arden McDonald augments her photochemistry with household solutions such as bleach, aspirin and lemon juice to create contact prints that appear more painterly than photographic. Digital tools enable the Gao Brothers from China to seemingly stretch time in their monumental piece, the Forever Unfinished Building, while Osheen Harruthoonyan’s installation turns the camera obscura inside out, with realtime images projected into the Drake’s entrance. The exhibition continues on the front of the building where a dynamic slide show of archival photographs flows like a stream of consciousness every night in May.

Curated by Mia Nielsen and Catherine Dean