Matias Faldbakken (Norway), Duncan Campbell (Ireland/Scotland), Andreas Bunte (Germany), Thea Djordjadze (Georgia/Germany), Cyprien Gaillard (France), Luis Jacob (Peru/Canada), Claire Fontaine (France), Luca Frei (Switzerland/Sweden), Pia Ronicke (Denmark), Nora Schultz (Germany)

In May (After October) takes its title from two revolutionary moments in Western history: Russia’s October Revolution of 1917 and the French student protests of May 1968. It also makes reference to the social and political change that many people hope will be a result of the election of Barack Obama in the US. This widespread call for ongoing change provides a platform for us to consider the political efficacy of aesthetic practice. In particular, this exhibition focuses on photographic images, videos and films that share in common an interest in the articulation of a productive refusal. From virtual abstraction to appropriated archival images and experiments with narrative structure, this international group of artists moves beyond the creation of easily consumed or didactic artworks. Together their works raise questions, asking how we can find new ways to say “no” and formulate suggestions for political and aesthetic alternatives. Organized by Kathrin Meyer and Tim Saltarelli.