EXPOSED: Innovation, Transformation, Revolution

Dong-Kyoon Nam, Jesse Colin Jackson, Michele Taras, Rosalie Villanueva, Justyna Werbel, William Self, Brent Lewin, Olena Sullivan, Philip LePage, Michael Krauss, Amee King, R. Kolewe, Soumen Karmakar, Greg Huszar, Margaret Glew, Adrian Smith, Sarah Gillett, Dianne Davis, Ryan Fung, Matthew Fung, Allan Davey, Tammy Hoy, Jeffery Cutler, Leila Cools, Sally Cumming, Alex Coley, Stefan Boudreault, Katrina Jennifer Bedford, Christopher McLeod, Jennifer Paul, Ben Ng, Dale M Reid

In keeping with CONTACT 2009’s thematic focus, Exposed showcases photographic works ranging from reportage to abstraction, documented fact to constructed fiction, and highlights both established and emerging contemporary photographers. The exhibition is co-produced by the Gladstone Hotel and SpeakEasy.

Curated by David Brown and Chris Mitchell