Event in the Landscape

Michael Flomen

Presented in partnership with the Greater Toronto Airports Authority.

As Marshall McLuhan once commented, “nobody can commit photography alone.” Michael Flomen is a photographer who collaborates with nature. Using available light to produce large-scale photograms (camera-less photographs) he captures the motion and effects of circling fireflies, flowing water and falling snow. In his abstract images created on light sensitive photographic paper, Flomen reveals a universe of occurrences. Working in Vermont and Quebec at night, Flomen places photo paper under water or on land amidst the climatic effects of nature. While Flomen’s approach is beyond his full control, he has mastered his technique to create astounding and powerful photograms from physical and natural phenomena.

Event in the Landscape produced from a selection of Flomen's photograms created during the last ten years, explores territories outside the confines of conventional photography. These digitized images, placed along the moving sidewalks at Pearson Airport’s Terminal 1, evoke the timeless qualities of the earth, the atmosphere and the solar system, set amidst the context of modern flight. While new technologies are redefining the content and process of photographic imagery in the 21st century, Flomen’s work recalls some of the earliest known photographic images – those produced by Henry Talbot Fox in the 1830s. Flomen’s imagery is grounded in the present day, reflecting what we do not normally see but intuitively recognize as familiar. His images emphasize the actions of light and the physics of space. In partnership with nature, he transforms the way the environment is perceived. John K. Grande

Michael Flomen lives and works in Montreal and is represented by Galerie Pangée. He has exhibited extensively throughout North America and Europe and his work is part of many collections internationally. Flomen’s work is included in the book The Edge of Vision: The Rise of Abstraction in Photography and is part of the related travelling exhibition.