Right To Play – Azerbaijan, 2009

Glen Baxter

Over the last 20 years, Glen Baxter has traveled extensively throughout Asia, Africa and the Middle East, where he has indulged in his passion for photography. Baxter is host of CTV’s IN FASHION and a reporter for FashionTelevisionChannel. For CONTACT 2010, he presents photographs he took while traveling in Azerbaijan in 2009. A former Republic of the USSR, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, civil war broke out between ethnic minorities in this Central Asian country. Even though a ceasefire was called in 1994, Azerbaijan continues to have the highest number of displaced persons in the world. During his trip, Baxter visited a number of the camps that are home to these internal refugees. His images capture the social consequences of war on the lives of the subjects he meets. Baxter is presenting this exhibition in conjunction with Hugo Boss to raise money for Right To Play, a charity that works to improve the lives of children. Active in some of the most disadvantaged areas in the world, Right To Play uses the power of sport and play to promote development, health and peace. This is Baxter’s fifth solo fundraising exhibition with CONTACT, demonstrating photography’s power to act as a tool for social change.