La Notte on a Laptop

Adam Harrison

Adam Harrison’s new exhibition, La notte on a laptop, examines relationships between photography and the digital processes that affect its production, distribution, and reception.

The central element of the exhibition, presented here for the first time in its entirety, are photographic prints from 52 Studies, an online-based project for which the artist posted a new picture on his website every week during the course of 2009. Prior to this project, Harrison undertook 365 Sketches (2005), wherein a new picture was posted online every day for a year and Four (2007) which involved a public conversation-in-images between the artist, Evan Lee, Christopher Brayshaw and Jamie Tolagson. The three projects share in common a question about how pictures, ultimately intended as artworks, are produced and received in the dual context of the gallery and the internet. In opposition to the ubiquity and infinite reproducibility of the digital images, the 52 Studies are conceived and produced as unique prints, pointing to the contradictory relationship between the two viewing formats.

Adam Harrison was born in Vancouver. He currently lives and works in Du?sseldorf, Germany. His work has been exhibited in Vancouver, Toronto, New York, and Du?sseldorf and is featured in the Magenta publications Carte Blanche (2006) and Flash Forward (2007), as well as numerous publications.