Barbara Probst

Over the past decade Barbara Probst has created Exposures, a body of work that presents images of places or events photographed from multiple view points. Radio-controlled technology allows the artist to simultaneously trigger the shutters of an array of cameras loaded with black and white and colour film. The works that result dramatically break the frame that has traditionally defined the photographic image, thus challenging conventional ideas about photographic “truth”. Probst has said she is not concerned with “what is represented but how it is represented, the potential and the effects of representation."

Although the unifying element in all of Probst’s work is the moment of exposure, the technique she uses to examine this moment expands the boundaries of the photograph, pushing it towards a more fluid representation of time. By fragmenting the single-perspective image she creates fictional works that are almost cinematic, often recalling classic genres of film and photography. This exhibition, her third at Jessica Bradley Art + Projects, features a major 12 part work. Probst’s photos were exhibited in New Photography 2006 at the Museum of Modern Art, New York. In 2007, she had a solo exhibition at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Photography.