Kitra Cahana, Simon Hayter, Dominic Nahr, Ryan Carter, Liz Rubicam, Eamon Mac Mahon

The six photographers presented in Subjective belong to a new generation of photojournalists. All are under the age of 30, highly accomplished and recognized beyond their peers. They share an interest in combining the medium’s capacity for realism with their personal perspectives, on a range of social issues globally. All of them tell their stories in the hope they might make a difference.

Amongst this group, several take risks by putting themselves in the midst of conflict: Kitra Cahana photographs the exodus of Israelis from Gaza; Simon Hayter captures altercations at Caledonia between police, white landholders and aboriginal claimants; Dominic Nahr documents the aftermath of the devastating earthquake in Haiti. Others show us worlds that pass us by, providing a focus on the unnoticed as a way to help us understand wider social issues: Ryan Carter reports from the United Arab Emirates; Liz Rubincam essays the lives of women who work as truck drivers in South Africa; and Eamon Mac Mahon documents the isolated culture of Tar Sands workers.

Also see Subjective at O'Born Contemporary.

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Curated by P. Elaine Sharpe