Hermann & Audrey, Live Art-Making & Panel


7pm A night of creation & exploration, CONTACT festival-goers and the community are invited to participate in the production of a communal art project. Directed by Hermann & Audrey, participants will be given the tools to collaborate and contribute to the making of an art piece.

8pm Join an expert panel featuring Photographer Steve Carty, Art Buyer Heather Morton, Zach Kellum Co-Founder of the Department and Director of External Communications for Molson Coors Adam Moffat. Moderated by Steven Barr of Taxi 2, the panel will discuss the current state of the photographic industry as artform. We're hoping to engage you the audience to participate in the discussion & the topics that we are hoping to explore are:

- What are the current best practices for artist photographers? - What role can popular brands play in the facilitation of the Canadian arts market? - What is the impact of digital photography on the art form? - Where does photography as art have to go to avoid the pervasive nature of its medium?

For information please email contact@hermannaudrey.com