Mark Belvedere, Joey DAMMIT!, Peter Mulcair, Denise Parent, Helen Posno, Annette Seip, Susan Spagnuolo, Jordan Stone

perception INFLUENCE Reflection EMPATHY Greed dUALITY irony STIGMA access SIN pRIVILEGE alienation inclusivity EXCLUSIVITY judgement cONTRADICTION isolation Stagnation HATE Label lust Appropriate INAPPROPRIATE love PASSION compassion deference iDENTITY calm PERVASIVENESS pOWER CONdescend dependence SEXUALITY independence codependence cRISIS MISDIAGNOSIS morality fEAR happiness hurt PAIN Loneliness togetherness dELUSION REALITY altruism DEFERENCE. This outdoor street banner project presents messages relating to issues of mental illness and addiction. Produced by Workman Arts with thanks to Bill Bissett and CAMH.

Curated by Chris Mitchell