Right To Play - Sandy Lake, Ontario 2010 - 2011

Glen Baxter

When Glen Baxter is not interviewing designers, architects, and photographers for CTV’s In Fashion, he is often found behind a camera, documenting remote communities and the people who live there, in support of Right To Play. This humanitarian organization is focused on improving the quality of life for disadvantaged children from around the world through sports and games. After 20 years of travelling to faraway places, this latest series documents rural Canada–a location that is both familiar and complex for Baxter to represent.

This exhibition focuses on Sandy Lake, a fly-in First Nation community located in the boreal-forested area of northwestern Ontario. Baxter has repeatedly visited this small town to capture its unique character, the lives of its inhabitants, and their day-to-day routines and activities. Set in a harsh winter landscape, their community is depicted within stunning outdoor surroundings and everyday domestic interiors. His photography conveys an interplay between beauty and hardship, while providing a deeper understanding of an isolated community. This series creates a compelling environmental portrait, revealing the interconnectedness between people and place.