Maslen & Mehra

Tim Maslen & Jennifer Mehra have built up a collaborative practice that involves site-specific photo interventions. They position two-dimensional mirror figures–human and animal–within a variety of urban and rural spaces, which alter preconceived notions about the natural world. These carefully placed ghost-like silhouettes create strange and unexpected juxtapositions within “natural” landscapes. In Maslen & Mehra’s work, culture and nature become interchangeable, revealing humankind’s desire to connect with nature.

The viewer becomes aware that these works are construed by memory, cultural baggage, and the individual details of each figure. Maslen & Mehra subvert these associations and question our precepts as to what environments, cultural stereotypes, and indoctrinated world views are, or potentially could be. In these images, everyday scenery is reinterpreted and imbued with new layers of meaning and possibility. Whether in Death Valley, California; Ramsey Island, Wales; New Zealand; Paris; London or Berlin, Maslen & Mehra’s photographic interventions disrupt pristine natural settings. Their work places emphasis on visual perception, by reflecting the surrounding landscape upon the figures.

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