Field Work

Chris Gergley

Chris Gergley’s Field Work (1999 – 2011) is an exhibition featuring several large-scale colour photographs of Canadian surroundings. His quasi-documentary work investigates landscapes and the subject’s relationship to its pictorial ground. In several of these works, manmade interventions within an environment allude to a human presence in lieu of actual people.

By incorporating aspects of the commonplace and kitsch, Gergley comments on the multifacetedness of representation and inspires a renewed curiosity in the everyday. This body of work also explicitly references the practice of photography and the necessity of field work within this milieu. Through a hands-on approach to the craft, Gergley uncovers brief and fantastical moments within ordinary life. His landscapes obscure distinctions between social hierarchies found in contemporary environments, focusing instead on the liminal space between high and low culture, urban and suburban, neighbourhood and slum. These explorations reveal how the photograph is involved in interpreting and reinterpreting the very nature of being.