I'm Not Here

Robyn Cumming, Daniel Gordon, Sara Cwynar, Alex Prager, Geoffrey Pugen

I’m Not Here explores contemporary portraiture with an emphasis on the environmental, gestural, and abstract elements that inform our reading of portraits today. These works were deliberately chosen for the way each subject’s face is obscured, masked, or abstracted–consequently drawing attention away from the subject.

Portraiture has been an important aspect of visual culture for centuries, one that grew in immediacy, nuance, and complexity through the development of photography. The tradition of rare and formal portraits have given way to a culture where every moment is documented informally, changing how we view and characterize subjects.

Artist Alex Prager builds a strong mise en scene in her work, which leads the viewer to read these images as film stills. Sara Cwynar develops installations of personal ephemera to portray an unknown collector. Daniel Gordon constructs life-sized sculptures from magazine images and then presents photographs of his subjects that are simultaneously abstract, gorgeous, and grotesque; while Robyn Cumming completely obscures the sitter’s face as a strategy for revealing the character of her subject. On the exterior front windows, Geoffrey Pugen’s film installation will investigate another dimension in the construction of identity.

Curated by Mia Nielsen. Special thanks to: Angell Gallery, Toronto; WALLSPACE, NYC, and Yancey Richardson Gallery, NYC, who made this exhibition possible.

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