Photographic Imprints

Waldemar Marszalek, Ed Gajdel, Kacper Kowalski, Rafal Burza, Hanna Haska, Maya Foltyn, Adam Lodzinski, Les Szurkowski, Zbigniew Latala, Krzysztof Tumanowicz, Kamila Kaminska, Nick Kozak

ART POLONICA III, “Photographic Imprints” is the third annual group exhibit presenting Polish artists living in Poland and Canada. This year’s exhibit explores the possibility inherent in the medium of photography. Photography lends itself to an immense spectrum of manipulation, from the simple capture of reality to the use of images as raw materials for the creation of something entirely new. It carries with it a sense of magic and unbounded possibility. Not only to capture moments, colours, places and light but even more intriguingly, emotions. It has the power to preserve instances that would otherwise be elusive or transient. “Photographic Imprints” – the title of this exhibit, purposefully brings together artists with different ideas and points of view employing different techniques and subjects. The idea is that through their particular interests – be they social documentary, journalistic reportage, landscape, abstract, digital manipulation or simply aesthetic – they all leave their unique marks; their “individual imprints”. Combined, these artists explore the potential of this elastic medium, challenging conventional ideas about what photography should be.

Curated by Kika Misztela