Exposed 2011: Figure and Ground

Adam Johnston, Annette Seip, Catia da Silva, Anuta Skrypnychenko, Arnold Koroshegyi, Ben Ng, Dave Lawson, Dawn Harmer, Derek Flack, George Hardy, Giovanni Senisi, Glen Jones, Helen Posno, Jane Watson, Jesse Jackson, Katherine Childs, Laurent Lévesque, Liam Philley, Lucy Camputaro, Mafalda Silva, Mark Belvedere, Melanie Gordon, Melissa Bender, Michael Krauss, Mike Holland, Nicole Winters, Ozant Kamaci, Peter Mulcair, Peter Young, Philip LePage, Ralph Kolewe, Shelley Wildeman, Sheryl Dudley, Sophie Hogan, Susan Spagnuolo, Tom Ridout, William Sabado

Exposed 2011 explores the photographic image as a construction of figure and ground. Referencing the festival theme, this group exhibition looks at how photography inherently directs our attention, and delineates the ways viewers perceive environments and understand the world around them.