Lomography Pop-Up Collective

Benjamin Young-Hart, Elaisha Stokes, Nabil Shash, Kate Fraser, Gaby Cueto, Taiwo Bah, Yannick Anton, Nadia Alam, Alpha Abebe

The Toronto Lomography Pop-Up Collective is an alternative, self-trained, experimental group representing the social fabric of Toronto. Coming together for one month they pushed the limits of their creative practice through the lens of the Diana F+ and Lomo LC-A+. To respond to the Contact 2011 theme their process included weekly workshops at the Lomography Gallery Store, individual experimentation and a renegade approach to imagining, committing to and executing a body of work. Our experience with analogue ranges from members who primarily shoot film, to digital photographers making their first delve into analogue. The result is an exhibit featuring stories across the city of Toronto- from urban tent cities to dual identities of women - in an eclectic collection that thinks critically about the concepts of “Belonging and Space”.