Middle Ground

Natalie Castellino, Melissa General, Martie Giefert, Isabel M. Martinez, Bradley Olson

In Middle Ground, Natalie Castellino, Melissa General, Martie Giefert, Isabel M. Martínez and Bradley Olson present new works that allude to the role of the photographer as an agent who observes, orchestrates and frames the subject; thus defining the figure from the foreground and guiding the observer's reading of the image.

Perception has often been a catalyst for both the creation and the discourse of photography; a medium in which the real, the imagined and the constructed converge, collide and blend.

Light, point of view (physical and/or conceptual) and framing are pivotal in the creation of photographic images. Artists articulate and manipulate these variables in order to construct images as per their intentions. Decisions are made throughout the creative process, from pre to post-production, with one goal in mind: to communicate visually and ask challenging questions by guiding the viewer’s gaze and directing of their attention.

The artists in Middle Ground provoke and evoke visual experiences that seek to capture the essence of surface, movement, time and space via narratives that allude to memory, the everyday, and our human condition.