Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival
Kotama Bouabane, Trunk, 2011 Courtesy of the artist and Erin Stump Projects.
Kotama Bouabane, Trunk
2012 Featured Exhibition

Kotama Bouabane
Follow Suit

May 3–31, 2012
Erin Stump Projects
1558 Dupont St

Follow Suit, Kotama Bouabane's newest body of work, looks at a theme park just outside of Beijing called, The World. Promoted with the slogan, "See the entire world without ever leaving Beijing," it features over 100 world famous international monuments. Experiencing explosive growth, China is portrayed as a country inescapably influenced by globalization. Bouabane's images depict a place hybridized between the signs and ideologies of the East and West. In an ersatz landscape, the shifts between documentary and staged photography are difficult to identify. The artist skilfully blurs the distinction between the two. A photograph of a lone house with a terra cotta roof and a manicured lawn mimics an empty American suburb. A faded model of New York’s twin towers replicate the past in the present, creating a ghosting effect. Other images play off the duplicate to create a similar sense of the uncanny. By varying the scale of the photos presented in the exhibition, the artist toys with the diorama effect, distorting how we perceive objects within it. Bouabane's focus on the prevalence of copy, imitation, and pastiche in China are indicative of the nature of the photographic medium itself.

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