No Permanent Address

Mark Boulos

Images Festival and Gallery TPW are pleased to co-present work by Mark Boulos (USA/Netherlands). No Permanent Address is a three channel video portrait of the New People's Army, a Maoist guerrilla group in the Philippines. Shot over several months while the artist lived with the group, the work speaks to the persistence of communist ideologies at a time when, as Boulos suggests, “capitalism has begun to lose its sense of inevitability.” Resisting the impulse typical of most political documentary to focus on victims, Boulos portrays members of the insurgent group as quotidian heroes as he records their daily activities and speaks with them about notions of love, sacrifice, revolution and ideology. Acknowledging the incongruities between a lived Marxism and the communist philosophies from which Boulos often draws inspiration, No Permanent Address is at once a generous, humanist portrait and a provocation about political violence and the transmission of ideas and culture across borders.

Mark Boulos is presented in collaboration with the 25th Images Festival, April 12 – 21.