At Home

Rehab Nazzal

Palestinian-born artist Rehab Nazzal’s multi-video installation At Home employs fragmented visuals and dissonant sound to foreground the loss of people’s lives and freedom amidst her homeland’s ongoing military occupation. Using personal testimonies and archival documents, Nazzal transplants the experience of struggle from the streets of Palestine to the gallery walls. The silent videos Target and Mourning restrict the viewer’s field of vision to focus attention on individual subjects. The pacing of these two videos deliberately contrasts with One Thousand Palestinian Political Prisoners, a rapid-fire sequence of portraits that defies the viewer’s ability to absorb the individual images, thereby questioning the value of individual lives. Using largely obscured imagery, A Night at Home and Bil’in function like soundtracks to these works. The former features a mother and son’s fearful whispers heard over the crack of gunfire, and the latter, the wail of sirens and protesters’ muffled cries. Together, the audio tracks overlap to create an atmosphere of chaos akin to that experienced by Palestinian residents. Nazzal’s works move beyond our abridged understanding of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to touch on the stories of actual citizens who live in their native land but may never truly feel at home.  

Curated by Sarah Munro