Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival
John Drahjewicz, Biggar, 2011
John Drahjewicz, Biggar
John Drajewicz, Harris Beach, 2011
John Drajewicz, Harris Beach
Sheila Jonah, SY47 Lewis, 2011
Sheila Jonah, SY47 Lewis
2012 Open Exhibition

John Drajewicz, Sheila Jonah
Coast 2012

May 2–June 3, 2012
Distillery Historic District — PROOF Studio Gallery
55 Mill St , Bldg 74, Ste 104

Drajewicz and Jonah are drawn to photographing coastlines. The widest variety of life forms gathers in areas where land is subsumed by the encroaching sea; the same can be metaphorically said for man-made cityscapes. As the tides of progress sweep through our world, old buildings and structures act as repositories of memory. They have the power to make us reflect.

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