Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival
Chris Grismer, Batboy, 2010
Chris Grismer, Batboy
Chris Grismer, Landscape #1, 2011
Chris Grismer, Landscape #1
Chris Grismer, Superfriends, 2011
Chris Grismer, Superfriends
2012 Open Exhibition

Chris Grismer
New Suburban Photomat

May 5–31, 2012
Don't Tell Mama
108 Ossington Ave

New Suburban Photomat explores how creative destruction—an economic theory referring to the process of transformation and radical innovation—has transformed the industry of photographic printing. Instant-print stores have adapted to more specialized printing processes by creating personalized, tactile instant heirlooms. Grismer presents an exploration of these new processes: a thousand keychains are put together to form a large portrait, printed blankets become modern tapestries, and mugs with images stack to form new experimental portraits.

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