Kensington, Kensington

Christine Deuerlein, Khiro Dey, Andrew Owen, Anonymous, Venetia Butler, Lorraine Darling, Nir Bareket, Helena Frei, Ontario Jewish Archives, Togo Meirelles, City of Toronto Archives, David Perlman, Sarah Bodri, Brennan Anderson, Vincenzo Petropaolo, Sam Lunansky, Bryan Scott, Mikaal Naik, Morris Miller, Brian Naranjo, Students of Kensington Community School, Dave Pitka, Jo-Ann Pocius

Images from Kensington Market’s long and colourful history are presented in shops and shop windows throughout the Market.

In collaboration with the Kensington Market community, curators Helena Frei and Venetia Butler have assembled a reflection of life in this eccentric corner of Toronto where generations of immigrant communities have built the foundations of their Canadian selves.

Please see the Kensington, Kensington website for the full list of venues.  

Curated by Helena Frei & Venetia Butler