Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival
Matthew Marigold, Sympathy for the Devil,
Matthew Marigold, Sympathy for the Devil
Pete Kasprzak, The Oyster House,
Pete Kasprzak, The Oyster House
Soumen Karmakar, Reflection Over Alaska,
Soumen Karmakar, Reflection Over Alaska
2012 Open Exhibition

Group Exhibition
Electric Landscapes

May 1–31, 2012
Norman Felix Gallery
192 Spadina Ave, Ste 103
Artists Pete Kasprzak
Richard Bornemann
Andre Fortier
Roger Guetta
Soumen Karmakar
Michael Auger
Sarah Tacoma
Joel Black-Beatty
Matthew Marigold
Girl + The Machine
David Nardi
Isaiah Trickey
Jeff Turner

Those who reside in cities sometimes find themselves lost in a wilderness of light and noise. Awash amid a current of bodies and the crush of structures, there exists a shared solitude in absorbing too much and retaining too little. This disconnect may compel one to become more deeply immersed in the seductive energy of the electric landscape, while longing for the emptiness of the rural wilderness, and the promise of fullness that each mythology implies. 

Curated by Nicole Gaasenbeek

Scotiabank CONTACT
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