This exhibition looks at our complex relationship to nature, its role in our imaginations, and our varied experience and understanding of its reality. Scenes From Here presents the work of two photographers, Eamon Mac Mahon and Jim Verburg, whose considerably different interests in the natural landscape both seem predicated on a sense of disconnection and loss.

Mac Mahon is fascinated by ideas of the “wilderness,” the constant push-pull of man versus nature, and the range of attitudes we have towards the natural world. His series of non-prescriptive photographs document particular places, moments, and incidents, to function as visual anecdotes. They comment on our ambiguous relationship with nature, reflecting its destructive power, its resilience, and its fragility as something in need of protection.

Verburg’s photographs are not about specific locations or nature itself; rather, they are projections of psychic space—conduits of moods and experience. Often formally reduced to anthropomorphized forms and elements (circles, light, water, fire, wood) nature functions here as a motif for larger themes: ideas of self and other, our connectedness, and difference. For Verburg, being in nature is the ground for connection, affording him contemplative space to look inward and connect with what feels honest and essential.