Banal Baroque

Elizabeth Zvonar

Banal Baroque is Vancouver-based Elizabeth Zvonar’s first solo exhibition in Toronto, featuring prints of the artist’s collage work, as well as her sculptures. Blending content from contemporary fashion and science magazines with themes and imagery pulled from historical lifestyle monthlies, Zvonar alters her source material to make images that are strange enough to invite closer contemplation. The multiple layers of collage works such as Blind Love present opportunities for complex engagement.

The exhibition engages a conversation about daydreaming and history, the future and metaphysics, light humour, sex, and other complications. Zvonar continues to explore themes of the unknown and the possibility of something more. The most interesting abstraction leaves room enough for metaphor; or maybe the most interesting metaphor leaves room enough for abstraction.

Zvonar’s work has been the subject of various solo exhibitions in museums and other institutions, and has been included in group shows across Canada, most recently in Freedom of Assembly at Oakville Galleries (2012) and New Meditations at Daniel Faria Gallery (2012).