Bad Teeth

Robyn Cumming

Erin Stump Projects presents a series of self-reflexive works by Robyn Cumming. The exhibition depicts the perpetually self-deconstructing nature of the human creature in contemporary imagery. Employing photography, sculpture, and video, the works assemble found objects that resemble bodily features to explore physique through distortion, decoration, ridicule, and goofery. Flirting with satire, kitsch, and slapstick, these representations give a sense of simultaneous mortification and fascination, oscillating between the alluring and the ludicrous. Each piece takes the form of both a unified, singular subject and a collection of fragmented and disparate objects, constantly making light of their own construction and materiality. The exhibition explores the mask in both the comical, clowning sense and the emotive, social sense, encouraging rumination on ugliness, thingness, and our constantly shifting perspectives on the human form. At first glance, the images may seem almost misanthropic, but the intention is to revel in the strange, absurd, and hilarious relationship we have with the nature of human materiality.