Sebastião Salgado

Brazil-born Sebastião Salgado has worked in the medium of photography since 1973, covering major news events and pursuing more personal and documentary projects. Today he is recognized internationally as a pre-eminent photographer of globalization’s impact on humanity.

Salgado has taken photographs in more than 100 countries, including some of the most remote places on earth, such as Antarctica and Siberia. He describes his style as “inside the circle,” often living with his subjects, immersed in their environments. Salgado’s black-and-white images are infused with empathy and respect for the people, wildlife, and nature he encounters.

From 2004 to 2011, Salgado pursued his largest project to date, Genesis, a comprehensive body of work that documents “untouched” regions and their inhabitants. Salgado explains, “I thought the only way to give us an incentive, to bring hope, is to show the pictures of the pristine planet—to see the innocence. And then we can understand what we must preserve.”

Nicholas Metivier Gallery presents Salgado’s inaugural exhibition in Canada, which includes influential photographs from Workers (1986–1992), Migrations (1993–2000), and Genesis. Salgado is the recipient of many prestigious awards and his work has been exhibited in museums worldwide.